Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi all! We have been in a dead cell zone the past couple of days, but we are alive and well.

Two days ago, after a night of pouring intense rain, we hiked a few miles on the trail and from there roadwalked to my friend Maggie's cabin, which she let us crash for a couple of nights. What a beautiful spot, and we had such a relaxing time. This hiking business is tough, you know! Thank you Maggie!

Today we got an early start thanks to Lynn, who drove us back to the trail. Thank you so much!

The rain held off for awhile, then it let loose. Good things about rain:
-makes the moss and lichen even more green
-creates waterfalls that weren't there before
-gives the woods a cloudy, magical look
-keeps us cool... I am so grateful for this cooler weather.
-makes sunny days sunnier

Tomorrow we should hit the highest point in Alabama! Cheaha here we come!

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