Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thanks for sharing

Jo was kind enough to mention all the excitement and trail help on our first day but failed to mention the thing that has us both belly laughing in our tent.

After our wonderful meal at Kent and Angels they offered us to stay and watch a doc which was hard to turn down because of their company and the plush reclining couch.

Jo excused herself to the bathroom and was gone ( I thought) a significant amount of time. The bathroom is just to the left and I heard the door rattling and I was confused at first and when she returned her face was red and she was sweating. I asked no questions as i felt embarrassed of her absence. Later she told me she had locked herself in and the rattling was her trying to get out. I offered no help and we live another day on the trail.


  1. oooops! Sorry we forgot to tell you that our bathroom door sometimes gets stuck. We will have it fixed next time you come around! :) For some reason, Donut Eater thought y'all would be back when she got off the bus. She was so disappointed. Y'all hiked your way right into her sweet little heart. Much love! Kent and Angel
    Romans 15:13