Monday, January 28, 2013

Georgia magic

What an unexpected day!

We awoke with the dream of another 20-mile day. A few miles into the day, my ankle voiced its extreme displeasure with that plan. We hiked 10 miles to Lyerly and 4 miles down the road my ankle was sending me a message that cannot be repeated in a public forum. I sat down in the grass, in pain and stressed about where we could spent the night. (roadwalks are tricky)

Then like magic Ramar showed up, who invited us to stay in his yard. He brought me an epsom salt bath and kept us company. Then Angie came home and she cooked us huge hamburgers! It was an absolutely magical evening with them and their stories. We have so much new brain candy floating around in our heads. Thank you for being our trail angels!

Thanks to extra rest and care, my ankle is much better and I am cautiously optimistic that we can make it to Chattanooga on Friday. We did 14.5 miles today.

Thank you Ramar and Angie (and Dixie Dog)!

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  1. it was really good to have yalls company. my wife and i could not have thought up a more enjoyable evening. i realy love to tell my ole stories its good to have some one to listen to them im so glad to be of some help to the way war wife and i are going to keep up with you on your treck through the mountians and roads as you travel good luck to yall stay safe god bless yall