Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hwy 157

This morning it was hard to get up off the most comfy tent site ever (we had a mattress!). We hit the road and made about 3 miles per hour for awhile, until the road went straight up for 3 miles with almost no shoulder but plenty of traffic. yikes!

Overall, I am impressed with how safe and scenic the Georgia roadwalks have been. Highway 157 is beautiful and will be our home for quite some time.

A state ranger chatted with us this evening and warned us of some bad weather. He recommended that we hole up behind an abandoned store. We have a roof and are snug, waiting for the storm. If it is too bad we may have to stay here tomorrow. But we feel pretty safe. Bart has been perfecting his Russian accent all day so clearly the sanity is long gone, but at least we are safe.

Not enough cell reception to call out tonight. We did about 16 miles.

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  1. Hey Jo, this is Brandon from Alabama. My nephews and I met you at the end of the pinhoti saturday near cave springs. It's good to see ya'll made it to cave springs alright and are pushin on. The bad weather looks like it will get to where you're at between noon and 4:00 pm today (Wednesday). So make sure you shelter up because the straight line winds they're talking about us having sometimes do more damage than tornadoes! So ya'll be careful. It was really cool to meet ya'll and I look forward to keeping up with your progress. Keep on keeping on! Brandon