Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 2

Thank you to Kent and Angel for a wonderful night of delicious food, good conversation, and relaxation! And special thanks to Donut Eater, AKA Sydney, the youngest trail angel I ever met! It was a beautiful welcome to the Pinhoti, and we so appreciate all you did for us. PS. The cake you sent with us made a great lunch!

Day 2 greeted us with rain, but happily it was sporadic and when it did pour, it ended soon enough. We had a quick journey on some backroads to the trail. Our feet (well, mostly mine) are not in great shape, so we took most of the afternoon off at a nice stealth spot near water. The next 24 miles-ish are very dry, so we feel grateful to be by this water. We only went about 11 miles, but we want to take care of ourselves so my feet won't explode.

Bart went downhill to get about 6 liters of water this afternoon while I nursed my feet. What a nice guy.

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