Monday, June 30, 2014


Shout out to the CTC! I have been receptionless for days and just found out that you all exist again. We are So happy! Long live the Cumberland Trail Conference! -j and hbb

PA rockpile in MD

The tradition continues on the south end. You're welcome PA!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Volunteers hard at work

It was a nice surprise to see Deb, Ray and Jake twice today out on the trail. We were enjoying the fruits of their labor and conversation.
Here is Ray clearing the way and Jake guarding his back. This is the trail version of walking the red carpet!

Friday, June 27, 2014

CTC meeting

The Cumberland Trail sticker has gone everywhere we have since hiking it last year. Best of luck, Cumberland Trail Conference, on the important meeting tomorrow. CTC deserves to be reinstated and continue its fine work. Someone please let us know how the meeting goes. I will check for cell reception compulsively. Love to TN. Thank you for not giving up. -j (and hbb)

New sidehill

Jo tests out the side hill work Deb and crew worked on last Saturday. She was worried it would all get washed away after some big rain but GOOD JOB Trail Volunteers! It looks great and I really can't believe you finished it! Me and John Stein slid down this thing last Friday and today me and Jo could easily walk up it. Without Trail Volunteers hiking would be almost nonexistent and defiantly not as pleasurable. -HBB

Water run

My happy face when I find water!

The water source looks questionable but I Steri Pen everything. One mile round trip - up hill both ways but we are both flush with water for the upcoming dry section.

Ditch find

Well it happened again-look what I found in the ditch. It was 5 1/4 lbs of extra fluid weight but I get to get rid of it all (but the can weight) tonight!
Why am I so lucky?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tenley Park

A life long philosophy instilled in me through my wonderful parents is : "Leave it better than you found it!"
We have been so blessed to enjoy Tenley Park the last two nights and have some special people check in on us like: Don, Officer Fletcher, Jack, Sue, Nevaeh, Deb and Jake!
I policed the shelter of all cigarette butts and still find it hard to believe people don't consider this trash? It's a small token of our appreciation but Helen Kellar said it best:
"I am only one but still I am one. I can't do everything but I can do something!" HBB


I deeply wish I lived in Everett so I could hire this guy. -j

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Motel 30

We had a fabulous stay at Motel 30! Sue is incredibly hiker-friendly and gave us a ride back to Everett this morning. This is a great option for Mid State Trail/GET hikers and we can't recommend it highly enough! She is willing to pick up hikers in town and bring them out for a stay. Thanks again!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Storm is rolling in and we are under a roof tonight just outside of Everett, PA. Air conditioning, nice cold showers (by choice - it was a scorcher today) and food from the nearby gas station. Life is really pretty great right now.

Volunteers make it happen.

John Stein and Deb Dunkle getting ready for trail work on the MST.
Below is the new bridge Deb worked on for 10 years that safely crosses Yellow Creek.
I'm sure Deb would like to know that right after me and Jo crossed a bunch of teenagers came up the trail from cooling themselves in the river using this fabulous bridge. Good work Deb!


Tussey Mtn hurts. A lot. Just when you start to heal, you get to climb up and over rocks, unhealing yourself.

Trail moments

Jo takes time to make her feet happy with rainbow duct tape.
I use a power line to dry my wet clothes.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rocks and raisins

Lunch for me was a bagel topped with peanut butter and chocolate covered raisins. HBB

After lunch we stumbled upon this secret rock garden. I knew you Pennsylvanians grew these things. Pebble seedlings now but come harvest bulky boulders you place on the trail.

Powerline view

Jo taking in an epic view today atop Tussy Mt. HBB

Maple Run

Maple Run was beautiful! Section 4 has been our favorite so far. HBB

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Been spending most of our lives walkin' in a hiker paradise. Bart took a nap once or twice walkin' in a hiker paradise.

Butler Knob

I'd been looking forward to this view of Butler Knob. . . On the bright side, it is another cool and gorgeous day. -j

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Evening view

My phone camera is awful. Wish I could show how green and lush and magical the Mid State Trail is...
Now if I could only get the Cranberries' song Zombie outta my head, everything would be perfect. -j

Thanks John!

Huge thanks to John for all his support over the last few days. We are so sorry that bringing us back to the trail interfered with sidehill work in the rain today... ;)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Tenley Park part 1

Now time to cut loose and have some fun with the KTA trail crew!
Pete Fleszar hooked me up with the stylish hat. I fit right in now!

Volunteering for a day

Out doing trail work with John Stein we stumbled across this sweet shelter!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Awe the views MST provide!

Easing our way

Amazin Blazin and trail Grazin! Thanks MST Volunteers!


I found this fossilized foot print of Bigfoot! I tried to carry it out but just too heavy. I'll have to come back with a wheelbarrow to tow it.


Bart is in more of a hurry to leave town than I am.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014



Town treats

Don't know which one I am happier about. :) -jo


Not even the blissful flat rock-free section is fun for me when sleep-deprived, chafed everywhere from sweat, and with a swollen knee from a bad fall on Tussey.  At least it is beautiful. -jo

June 18th

June 18th is a magic day for me.  It was the day I climbed my first mountain and the day, four years later, when I finished hiking the Great Eastern Trail.  It has now been one year since we arrived at Moss Hill Lean To on the GET.

Back when I was avoiding training for the trip, I made a video because I am excellent at finding things to do other than train.  You might be interested or you might not be; it's just some pictures from the eastern trails I've hiked.


Byron was a surprise trail angel when he offered us each a bottle of water yesterday after our descent from Tussey. It helped us immensely, as we were almost out and it took us longer than expected to find a spring.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tussey view

A panoramic view atop Tussey Mt on the MST.

Hiker down

Took a picture of this hiker sunbathing in the middle of the MST. He looked a little dehydrated so I offered up some of my water but he just ignored me.


Bart doesn't know yet that we don't have to go a kilometer out of our way to get water. . . There is enough in this little pool for us both! Can't wait for him to see this. Best surprise ever on this hot and muggy day.