Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Georgia re-route!

There was rather a lot of Great Eastern Trail roadwalking in Georgia, but there's less now!

The Georgia section has some really great stuff.  There's a lovely border crossing. This is probably the coolest border crossing on the trail, although Tennessee/Kentucky comes close. Nicely done, Georgia.

There's also a great little hostel with sourdough pancakes (among other deliciousness). Wonderful people make wonderful pancakes...

And of course there is Cloudland Canyon, which has got to be one of the top 5 sights along the entire trail. It's amazing.

There's rather a lot of Georgia that looks something like this:

BUT thanks to the incredible volunteer efforts of the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association, a big chunk of roadwalk has been eliminated in the Cave Spring area.

For a map and description, check out the Georgia Pinhoti Trail Association Facebook Group. This is one of the more active Facebook groups for GET trails. Once you're on the Facebook Group site, click on "Files" to access all kinds of Georgia Pinhoti Trail information and Lookout Mountain Section information!


  1. Jo, sorry to say it hasn't improved much since you and Bart hiked thru Tennessee as far as the Cumberland Trail goes. The current State Park manager lost a couple of years of potential trail building with his colluding with the Tennessee Trails Association officers to dissolve the Cumberland Trail Conference. Thankfully the CTC was reinstated and spun off from the TTA last year and now is a separate 501c3 entity but sorry to say the same State Park manager is still overseeing the project. I hiked the longest continual segment in the winter of 2014 and the New River Segment was covered then with blow downs, overgrowth of vegetation and some of the trail had begun to wash out in some areas in the southern portion after leaving Frozen Head State Park boundarys. I got a report from a hiker in the winter of 2015 and it had apparently just degraded more in some areas where he had a hard time in finding the trail. Currently the CTC is involved in adding trail in two separate areas, one leading into the Roaring Creek Trailhead and the other I understand is leaving Black Mtn heading to the Devil's Breakfast Table on Daddys Creek. Also I understand another volunteer group is working on a 12 mile stretch south of North Chickamauga Creek which maybe completed in 2 or 3 years. But if we don't get another manager who is focused on trail building and trail maintenance instead of preserving mountain music it won't matter if they go from the current 15 segments to a continual trail since mother nature may well take it back over at least in the more remote areas with less foot traffic. Luckily in my neck of the woods of the Southern portion around Soddy Daisy we still have some dedicated volunteers left who perform regular trail maintenance. Hope all is going well for you and Bart - Happy Trails to you both!

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