Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1,000 Steps craziness

The 1,000 steps was the heaviest traveled attraction we have seen on the trail. We sat and ate lunch before our ascent up and the people just kept coming and coming it never stopped. I can see why this was a hot spot or must do climb for anyone. We will finish our trek through SST tomorrow and have enjoyed every step. Thank you SST volunteers! HillBillyBart & SomedayJo


  1. Be careful on Stone Mountain it's a bugger with no water camel up right after Rocky Ridge. Pete F

  2. Enjoy the northern section of the SST, it is a great section of trail. Rocky Ridge is beautiful with unique rock outcrops and sinkholes. On Stone Mtn, the views are spectacular. As you move north on Stone Mtn there are some deep hemlock forests. And there are plenty of rocks. Greenwood Furnace State Park is beautiful and an ideal place to relax.