Monday, May 20, 2013

Daaaaay 1

Well, we hit Pennsylvania today, our 2nd to last state. We are glad to be here, despite a rather terrible day (they do happen).

Last night was my first night attempting to sleep on my destroyed Thermarest. It did not go well. I woke up bleary and crabby... find that my Platypus is leaking (again!) and got my pack sopping wet. Sigh.

So we hiked. We hit the Md-Pa border. Then we took a wrong turn, lost an hour, some sanity, and 2 miles. Also, it was 85 degrees.

As soon as we started the1500 ft climb, the temp hit 90. Also: gnats. Everywhere. Also: multiple angry rattlers.

Thrilled to hit the top, we were dismayed to find that the rocks made us travel at 1mph. The heat made them slippery. Often, the "trail" is really a route through the rocks. I wiped out 3 times.

So we are camping miles upon miles from where we needed to be.

It's gonna be awhile before I can look back and laugh. Someday.

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  1. The optimist fell ten stories, and at each window bar, he yelled out to his friends, "All right so far!" Mother Mary