Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Reflections on a beautiful state

Tonight is our last night in Tennessee. It has been an adventure in itself: Alabama and Georgia feel like a world away.

Along the Cumberland Trail, we had our first significant climbs, the coldest weather yet, and complete solitude at times. We linked sections of stunning trail with roads that were beautiful and surprisingly enjoyable.

We each got lost once and we got lost together once, but we got found. We saw wild boars for the first time! We rock-hopped and ridge-walked and none of our oxen died when we forded rivers. Oh, and we saw elk scat. Bart hoarded ditch treasures and mailed them home.

The Cumberland Trail was even more diverse, scenic, and challenging than I'd hoped. It is obvious that a lot of people have poured their hearts into it! These are the people who made this part of the GET truly unforgettable. The kindness and generosity of those we've met still astound us. Thank you for a grand adventure! We look forward to crossing paths again.


  1. I can't believe how fast you guys are going! Three states already! Holy cow!

  2. Enjoying your updates. Hope you come back when the Cumberland Trail is fully connected!
    Judy varner