Friday, February 1, 2013

A beautiful day

I have to say that I wasn't sure how Georgia's section of the GET would go, but I am now sad to be leaving. We had such a fun time yesterday with the Friends of Cloudland Canyon. THANK YOU for all you have done! (And thank you for supper too!) We didn't expect such an outpouring of excitement and support - it really boosts our resolve and makes us love the adventure even more.

Today we got a tour of the Great Eastern Trail route through Cloudland Canyon State Park. It was the perfect day! I am totally impressed by the trail system there and the natural beauty. This park is a gem of the GET. Major kudos to those involved with this project. Soon there will be a very long connected trail to Lula Lake Land Trust Trail. Y'all are doing fantastic work!

Thanks again to Sourdough for ...everything!, and to Fennel for hiking with us today! It was a perfect last full day in Georgia!

(Bart took lots of great pictures but he is fast asleep. Tomorrow maybe?)

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  1. Super happy for you Jo!!! And thinking of you and your adventures always :) So woo-ed, so woo-ed.