Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Sequatchie roadwalk

Today ended our longest roadwalk of the trip: roughly 50 miles linking the 3 Gorges with the Brady Mountain sections of the Cumberland Trail. We could have linked them many ways and we could have done another section of trail in the middle, but it would have meant walking on a bigger highway and I didn't feel safe doing that.  This plan made the most sense, hitting as much trail as possible while keeping us safe on smaller backcountry roads.  I look forward to the day when the CT is all connected -- or at least when there are designated roadwalks known to be safe.  We were just kinda winging it.

Instead we took country roads into and through the Sequatchie Valley. We did 3 days (20 miles, 14 & 14 miles), staying in Pikeville, with our new friend (he will get a separate entry!), and here at the Jewett Rd trailhead. We loved hiking through this valley! Pikeville was our perfect trail town and in the country we made friends with mailmen, folks who were out & about, dogs, horses, cows, alpacas, etc.

Huge thanks to Tony of the Cumberland Trail Conference for helping us out with route questions! Thanks for your wisdom!

We are excited for this next chapter of Tennessee, and will update more when I can feel my fingers again. It is in the 20s tonight!

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  1. We heard about you on NPR + was going to look for you in Chickamauga Ga.Where we're moving to.We're from Upstate N.Y. Cortland Co. where you are sort of headed for by the Finger Lakes .We loved hiking on the Finger Lake Trails they go past my old home on Cuyler Hill in N.Y. Hope you have safe and great trip !