Friday, February 15, 2013

Cherry on top

A couple of nights ago, our weary feet were rescued just minutes before it started to rain. We were whisked out of the cold valley and straight to a hot dinner of lasagna. Meeting Levonn was like getting back in touch with an old friend, though we'd never met before. He opened his home to us and shared stories. He even let us sleep in! The morning brought us to Sisters, where we feasted, then to the paper for an interview.
It was rainy and cold so we welcomed the chance to tour the New Deal museum and watertower. It was fun to take a break and learn about local history.
We felt totally rejuvenated after hanging out with Levonn. THANK YOU so much for everything! We hope to see you down the trail someday!

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  1. I'm glad Levonn Hubbard greeted and shared. The Plateau Chapter of TTA in Crossville has a lot of nice folks. Come back in Oct. w3hen we host the State Conference. Talk to Cheryl Heckler, chap. chair