Monday, March 4, 2013

Catching up to winter

We knew we'd catch up to winter at some point! Thus far in our trip we have had mostly glorious weather. (keep in mind that I am from Minnesota and my definition of "glorious" may differ vastly from Bart's definition.) It has been cold, but with the right gear, cold is not a problem at night and while hiking, it is almost welcome.

We took 2 days off in Harlan, KY. First to rest, then because of snow (and my ankle, which I could hardly walk on 36 hours ago). We don't mind taking days off due to weather (this makes only 3 weather-related days off since we began). It is part of the experience, and we are enjoying it.

Today we awoke to a sunshiney, cold, beautiful morning. My ankle works again, the snow is on the ground and not in the air, and we both feel really ready to get out of town and into the woods.

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