Monday, March 18, 2013

Bart discovers a hammock

This was in Alabama, and I had a hunch that I should film this.  I like his caw of victory.


  1. Lol
    You seem to be having loads fo fun, both of you.
    The last time I was in a hammock was about two years ago and I won't tell you how long was the last time before that.

    I had fun though. Once upon a time I had a hammock in my backyard but as the words suggest, that was so long ago it seems like ages now. Have fun traveling up and down those interesting trails and keep sharing those videos.

  2. The video was looking pretty impressive. I think you enjoyed a lot with the colorful hammock. Hammocks are the best way to get complete relaxation while outing and camping and in this way you are able to get complete comfort while on a hammock.