Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pineville --> Twin Falls part 2

 It's not all trudging through the woods: we got to rest for at least 20 minutes today!  Also, did you know that Hershey's makes pomegranate chocolate?!  Pomegranate chocolate!!!  HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.

 I am okay with the lack of snow and blowing wind. 

You know . . . . I just don't know.

After 5 - 6 miles or so, we dropped down onto Cabin Creek Road.  Someday the trail will cross Cabin Creek Road and go back into the woods to follow a trail to the Falls Trail parking lot.  For now, we roadwalked on Cabin Creek.  Tomorrow: the woods again!

The term "woods"  comes from the Old English wudu, the Proto-Germanic widuz, and Proto-Indo-European widhu.


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