Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hometown welcome

A HUGE thank-you to all who came to the cookout to say hi to us!  It was awesome to see so many of you!  Another thank you to those whose thoughts were with us, but who stayed safe at home rather than chance the weather. It was pretty sketchy out there.

We had a pretty good hike from Twin Falls into Mullens today - even if we did get poured on.  Thanks Tim and Morgan and Sula for coming with us!
Bart, the mayor, and Jo
We were wet and stinky, but no one seemed to care - thanks everyone, for pretending we didn't smell!
This is Dewey, who is pretending that Bart doesn't stink.
 The parade through town led by Mayor McKinney, Police Chief Ray Toler, Fire Chief Chad Cox & local volunteers was a spectacular welcome-home for us.  Thanks to everyone for their love and support!
Hey Big Ed - your food was spectacular.  You wanna follow us to New York?  'Cause that'd be okay with us.

 Here is Jo spreading the good word about the Great Eastern Trail!  
Good buds!

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