Allegheny Trail

Map courtesy of Cookerhiker
Southern disjunct (White Sulphur Springs to AT) not shown
In the summer of 2014, Bart and I will be attempting to thruhike the Allegheny Trail.  This trail runs from the Mason-Dixon line near Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, down to the Appalachian Trail on Peters Mountain near Pearisburg, Virginia.

We are hiking this trail because it is awesome.  Last year Bart and I hiked the southern 80 miles of the Allegheny Trail and we decided that we needed to return!

The trail is complete except for a gap near White Sulphur Springs, WV, which we navigated in 2013.

The coolest construction on the entire Great Eastern trail is on the 80-mile section of the Allegheny Trail that hosts the GET.  Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory is a West Virginia treasure and well-worth the .9 (yes. point nine) mile hike from the nearest parking lot.  For us it will be a little more than .9 to get there . . . 

We're excited to revisit the golden blazes of the Allegheny Trail again!
We will be blogging about the Allegheny Trail adventure right here on the blog.

For those interested in more information on the Allegheny Trail or ordering the incredible map and guidebook collection, check out the West Virginia Scenic Trail Association's website.

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