Sunday, May 10, 2015

Get to know the GET at the AT Biennial

For hikers planning to attend the 2015 Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial Conference this July, consider taking some time to meet the GET.

The following hikes are on the Great Eastern Trail:

  • Hike #9, Basore's Ridge
  • Hike #17, Big Schloss GWNF
  • Hike #19, Paw Paw Tunnel C&O CNHP
  • Hike #25, Devils Nose SCWMA SPHP
  • Hike #29, Shockeys Knob SCWMA
  • Hike #37, Big Schloss and Tibbet Knob GWNF
The following presentations may be of interest:
  • W1944 - Great Eastern Trail (that's with me)
  • W2067 - Tuscarora Trail
Hope to see many of you there!  Early registration ends on May 31!

Tibbet Knob

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