Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Northern Terminus

We made it! Posing at the northern terminus of the GET. Thanks to all that helped along the way- trail volunteers (trails don't build themselves )- people who followed us on our blog and our feet, backs, legs and other body parts for putting up with our constant abuse.
Stay tuned for further updated pics, wit and wisdom now that we will be around computers.
HillBillyBart & Someday


  1. Congratulations for tolerating way too much road, way too much rain, frozen Kentucky, way too many interruptions for interviews, way too many interruptions to dine with admirers (well, maybe not), the rocks and metric system of Pennsylvania, and each other. You should be proud.

  2. Great job, amazing accomplishment. I hope you guys are the first of many.

  3. Wow! You guys are amazing! I am so, so impressed and happy for you!