Sunday, October 21, 2012

The planning process

The trail's not all there, but neither am I!

What does it take to hike a trail that isn't completely marked?  This picture is part 1 of the information that I'll be bringing with me.  I have maps on order for the Tuscarora Trail, Crystal Hills Trail (Finger Lakes), and the Headwaters Section (National Geographic maps 791 & 792).  There's a lot more information to print out from the internet, more maps to order and organize, and I have to get a waterproof system and figure out how to get the information to me as I hike, since hiking with all this would add 5 pounds to my pack.

I've really been enjoying the planning process, though I know that as the start date nears, it may get stressful.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank some folks who have helped me out so far, particularly the board members of the Great Eastern Trail Association and my dad.

The Board has been very generous with advice, insider knowledge, and offers of help.  One of the experiences I am looking forward to along the hike is to hopefully get a chance to visit most of them - you all are welcome to join the hike for a day (or days!). 

My dad has been my publisher for this journey.  Living on a budget in West Virginia, I don't have a printer and I don't want to use my work printer for the massive number of maps I require.  I've been harassing him for months already with links to documents I need printed, and they always turn out perfectly.  Thank you for all your help!

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